User Name: Rigo
Profile: We have collected and studied currency, and toned coins for the past 11 years. Our site offers a variety of coins at a competitive price. We value our customers and strive to provide our customers with a positive online shopping experience. Our site allows you to shop securely in the convenience of your home. Our web site is designed to help you navigate easily through our inventory while giving you a pleasurable shopping experience. If you would like to make us and offer on any of our coins and it is a reasonable offer, it will be taken into consideration. We are as accurate as possible when describing our coins. We guarantee all of our currency and paper money is authentic. All of our coins are naturally toned. The only Photoshop we do is crop and save, we do not alter the colors in any way. If any of our coins have questionable toning, it will be stated in the coin's description.
Interests: Interested in buying and selling toned silver and copper coins (mostly U.S. Coins).
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