User Name: comitalo
Profile: I am new to the site and looking to possibly find a place where others may have coins I am looking for to complete my collection and at the same time I may have some that you may need.
Interests: Below are a list of coins I am currently looking to obtain: PENNIES 1941(S), 1942(S), 1943(D), 1943(S),1945(S),1947(D),1948(S),1949(D),1949(S),1950(D),1950(S),1951(S),1952(S),1954(S),1955(S),1969(S),1971(S) x2,1972(S),1973(S),2013(D),2014(D) NICKLES 1938,1938(D),1938(S),1939(D),1939(S),1941(S),1942,1942(D),1942(S),1943(D),1943(S),1944,1944(D),1945,1945(S),1946(S),1947(S),1948(D),1948(S),1949(D),1949(S),1950,1950(D),1951(S),1952(S),1953,1953(S),1955,1958,1959,2009(P),2013(D),2014(D) DIMES 1946,1946(D),1946(S),1947,1947(D),1947(S),1948,1948(D),1948(S),1949,1949(D),1949(S),1950(D),1950(S),1951,1951(D),1951(S),1952(D),1952(S),1953,1953(D),1953(S),1954,1954(D),1954(S),1955,1955(D),1955(S),1956,1956(D),1957,1957(D),1958,1959(D),1960,1960(D),1961,1961(D),1962,1963,1963(D),1964(D),2009(D),2013(D),2014(D) QUARTERS 1948(D),1948(S),1949,1949(D),1950,1950(D),1950(S),1951,1951(D),1951(S),1952,1952(S),1953,1953(S),1954,1954(D),1954(S),1955,1955(D),1956,1957(D),1958,1958(D),1959,1959(D),1960,1960(D),1961,1961(D),1962(D),1963(D),1964(D), 2004 Florida (D) 2004 Wisconsin(D) 2005 Kansas(D) 2005 Minnesota(D) 2007 Utah(D) 2007 Montana(D) 2008 Oklahoma(D) 2008 Hawaii(D) 2008 Alaska(D) 2009 Northern Mariana Islands(D) 2009 Amerian samoa(D) 2009 District of columbia(P) 2009 District of Columbia(D) 2009 U.s. Virgin Islands(D) 2010 Hot Springs(D) 2010 Yellowstone(D) 2010 Yosemite(D) 2010 Grand Canyon(P) 2010 Grand Canyon(D) 2010 Mount Hood(D) 2011 Gettysburg(P) 2011 Gettysburg(D) 2011 Glacier(D) 2011 Olympic(D) 2011 Vicksburg(D) 2011 Chickasaw(D) 2012 Chaco Culture(P) 2012 Chaco Culture(D) 2012 Acadia(D) 2012 Hawaii Volcanoes(D) 2012 Denali(D) If you have any of these and would like to sell or trade for any that you may need, please contact me. Thank you.
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