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Profile: Welcome to PMS we want you to be totally happy with your purchase. We offer Fantastic Cheap prices, which we feel sure are the best you will find in the UK. We are so confident that we offer our customers the best value in the UK and offer an additional guarantee, if you are unsatisfied. Refund and Exchange We're committed to selling high quality products we hope you'll enjoy using but we also know that, for one reason or another, there may a time when you need to exchange or return something you'have bought. Please make sure that you check your items carefully before they are used or installed. We also recommend that you keep your receipt or order number, which can be found on your order confirmation or on the deliver packaging, as you might need it as proof of purchase in the event of any after sales queries. We've made it easier! If you bring it back to us within 14 days with your proof of purchase, we'll give you a replacement or a refund.
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