User Name: edwards45177
Profile: Born and reside in Southwest Ohio I have been involved in numismatics as a collector or dealer for over 30 years. In my professional live I teach for two local colleges and spend my spare time reading, collecting, writing, studying history, or raising my family of three boys. I am member of the American Numismatic Society and the Ancient Coin Collector's Guild.
Interests: British Coins, Farthings, German Empire, U.S. Coins, German States, Roman Republican Denarius, World Coins, British Empire, Ireland, Straits Settlement, Japan, Australia, India, Mexico, Canada, Indian Head Pennies, Lincoln Cents, Large Cents, Panama, Bi-metallic, Spain, Tokens, Masonic Tokens, Washington Quarters, State Quarters, Bavaria, Pfennig, Prussia, Netherlands, Cents, Dimes, Centimes, France, Italian States, Euros, General Circulating Issues, Celtic
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