User Name: Brian Beales
Profile: I've been collecting for some time now but had a while ago I decided to sell up, well that was some time ago now and never got around to it. So this year I thought I do the same, I retrieved the collection for the loft and thought I have a look to see what I had. Good move it fired me up and now I've started all over again. What was I thinking about, so happy I never sold up, now keener than ever. Once I have viewed and catalogued the collection I shall be swapping/selling a few.
Interests: My main interest is in the coinage of the English Channel Islands. Not many coins per say but a wealth of different dies and variations. Also on my list are UK Shillings and sixpence's, still looking for all the dates to make up the collection. Other interests are the other coins of the UK and the commonwealth along with a few tokens and medallions.
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