User Name: pereiradelima
Profile: I'm from Brazil, and I'm a collector of world currencies, I have a generous collection. I am looking for collectors who wish to swap your coins by old Brazilian currency (60's / 70's / 80's and 90's)
Interests: I have more than one hundred coins of Brazil. Few people know, Latin America had 30 years of hyper inflation, which forced the Central Bank of the Latin American countries make many currencies over this period. This process resulted in a number of very diverse types, sizes, and values ​​of these currencies. I'm interested mainly currencies of the world, as I'm still an amateur collector, so I don't have interests in high-value currencies. I value complete collections, ie, 1, 5, 10, 25, and 50 cents and "the $1", for example. I'm would like to swap/interchange currency of the world, I have not interest in selling my coins, I would like only swap/interchange them for other currencies of the world
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  Date: Item Price
1979 - Cruzeiros 50 cents 1979 Cruzeiros 50 cents USD $1.00  Sell/Swap
Grade: XF/EF   Origin: Brazil Krause: TBA Front Photo - Rear Photo  

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