User Name: Alsamt
Profile: Hi all . I have all Yemen coins,notes ,phone cards ,postcards and medals . Also I can offer islamic coins ,Arab coins and old coins. If you want dealer ,I can sell you good quantity and give you good prices .
Interests: Hello . I can sell you or exchange with you . I collect all modern notes and euro coins . Please see my list .If ok ,let me know . What do you want of my list and what do you offer ? Yemen notes : -10rials p13a UNC -5rials p17c UNC -10rials p18b UNC -10rials p23 UNC -20rials p25 UNC -20rials p26a UNC -20rials p26b UNC -YEMEN - CENTRAL BANK COINS : -Y36 25Fils 1979 vf/xf -Y37 50Fils 1985 vf/xf -Y42 1Rial 1985 vf/xf -KM25 1Rial 1993 unc. -KM26 5Rials unc -KM27 10Rials 2009 new unc. -KM29 20 Rials new UNC 2006 - YEMEN DEMOCRATIC COINS : -KM1 1Fils 1964 vf/xf -KM3 2,5Fils 1973 vf/xf -KM2 5Fils 1973 vf/xf -KM9 10Fils 1981 vf -KM5 25fils 1977-1984 vf/xf -KM6 50Fils 1977-1984 vf/xf -KM10 100Fils 1981 vf/xf -KM11 250Fils 1981 vf/xf -LIBYA COINS : 1,5,10 and 20 dirham UNC 1975 . -SUDAN COINS : -OLD SUDAN COINS: 5,10,20 and 50 dinars xf Regards . Alsamt
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  Date: Item Price
1974 Yemen coins EUR 15.00  Sell
Grade: UNC   Origin: Yemen Krause: Y33  
  Date: Item Price
1977 Yemen coins EUR 20.00  Sell
Grade: XF/EF   Origin: Yemen Krause: KM7  

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