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Profile: Hi, my story is similar to most I guess... I started collecting as a child, saving coins from holidays and then actively trying to locate and buy coins as I grew older and became more interested in them. I found that along with the knowledge of the coins, I became interested in, and learned, much more about the world Geography, the History of countries - why coin designs changed (as well as their flags)and world Politics (wars, invasions and rulers). Now I try to collect just one reasonably good example of each coin type that I can. The majority of coins I have are post 1900 although I do have some older ones. I don't spend much money on coins because I don't collect as an investment and for me the enjoyment is tracking down specific coins missing from sets from certain era's and either purchasing or swapping other coins to procure them. I have never put together a list of my world coin swaps before - so I'll get that done as soon as I can but for the moment, I can only offer you a good example of a range of commemorative 50p, £1 & £2 coins, if there any overseas swappers out there?
Interests: Any coins, commemorative, standard issue, low or high denominations, VF condition or better, new issues, sets, Euro's etc.
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  Date: Item Price
1968 - 1968 Gibraltar Crown (In Plastic Case) 1968 1968 Gibraltar Crown (In Plastic Case) EUR 1.00  Sell/Swap
Grade: UNC   Origin: Gibraltar Krause: TBA Front Photo - Rear Photo  
  Date: Item Price
2001 - Zimbabwe $5 Coin 2001 2001 Zimbabwe $5 Coin 2001 GBP 1.00  Sell/Swap
Grade: F   Origin: Zimbabwe Krause: TBA Front Photo - Rear Photo  

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