User Name: Jorvik_Andi
Profile: I have been a collector of coins for nearly 10 yrs and collect UK, USA & Canadian coins. I'm a member of one of the best online coin clubs that you'll ever find on the net. This group is usually missed by google search engine so please if you want to join a great group of guys and talk about coins and even win free coins for just replying to or posting a message, why not check us out at:- and say that Andi invited you. I have met some really great people online through my love for collecting coins which really helped me get through cancer treatment and now i cannot work as i'm disabled so my funds are low and my coins are not of the highest standard that most have, but they are my coins and i love them! Recently i have started to go Metal Detecting and have found some great artifacts and coins.
Interests: I started to collect the US State Quarters in 1999 and from there on my interest in USA coins really got me hooked. I have all the Unc Bullion Versions of the ASE to date, i love the Mercury Dimes and am well on my way to completing the Wheaties (am down to just the main key coins now so i'll probably not complete this set unless i win the
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