User Name: Alverca
Profile: Portuguese firefighter and coin collector on every time I'm off-duty. My main objective is to get 1 exemplar of each coin available now or before, in every country. I don't care about a specific date, but I do care about the condition of each coin.
Interests: I've several euro coins available for trade. I use to trade coins in 1-to-1 basis. If you're interested, please send your wanted and doubles lists, and I'll reply with the possible trades. I can also trade euros with other currency coins.
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  Date: Item Price
1994 - Lisbon - European Cultural Capital 1994 Lisbon - European Cultural Capital EUR €5.00  Sell/Swap
Grade: UNC   Origin: Portugal Krause: KM# 669 Front Photo - Rear Photo  
  Date: Item Price
1997 - Lisbon World Expo '98 1997 Lisbon World Expo '98 EUR €5.00  Sell/Swap
Grade: UNC   Origin: Portugal Krause: KM# 694 Front Photo - Rear Photo  

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