User Name: AlphaWolf
Profile: 24, from England. Recently began collecting £2 and 50p pieces and have quite a few in my collection now. I’m a zoologist, so I love animals. I would also love to travel and collect a coin or note from each country I visit.
Interests: Coins I have to swap: WWF 50p x1 Battle of Britain 50p x1 Battle of Hastings 50p x1 Victoria Cross Heroic Acts 50p x1 Sir Isaac Newton 50p x2 Girl Guides 50p x2 Wheelchair Rigby Olympics 50p x1 Team GB 50p x1 Boxing Olympic 50p x1 Ironside 50p x1 Commonwealth Games 50p x2 Scouts 50p x2 Mrs Tiggywinkle 50p x1 Peter Rabbit 50p x1 Benjamin Britten 50p x1 Beatrix Potter 50p x2 Tale of Peter Rabbit 50p x4 Britannia £2 x1 2014 WW1 Centenary £2 x1 Shakespeare Histories £2 x1 Florence Nightingale £2 x1 Abolition of Slavery £2 x1 Darwin £2 x2 I am mostly looking to swap my coins for ones that I need.
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