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Profile: I am enjoying the "golden years" of retirement by concentrating more on my hobbies. My most important one, of course, is my coin collection. Over the past few years I have gotten more interested in it, particularly since many European countries no longer mint their own coins or print their own currency. It is unfortunate, as I find many of the Euro coins to be not as artistic as many of the coins from Italy, Germany, Belgium and so many others from the past. I also enjoy both domestic and foreign travel.
Interests: I am mostly interested in large silver coins from any country, but also do pick up a number of coins from many countries that have historical significance. Such as coins from Africa in the year 1936, when King Edward VIII abdicated from the throne of Great Britain to marry a divorced woman from the USA. Only a few countries minted coins with his name on them. That is just one example. Unique coins are always in vogue. As are ERROR coins.
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