User Name: Midlander
Profile: I am originally from the Midlands, but moved to South Wales in 2004. I have been collecting coins since I was a youngster, scouring my local antique market and picking up a few at a time. I am not a "serious" collector, all of my coins being circulated, and from all different countries and all different time periods. I am more a lover of history (which is why I love the circulated coins which have been used by so many people) rather than value. I like to see the artwork on the coins from different areas, some of them are so intricate and beautiful. I have never taken the time to catalog my collection properly, and hope to do this over the next few years.
Interests: My main interests are British pre-decimal currency, pre-euro coins, especially from pre and post war periods to see the difference in materials and design. I am also currently trying to complete the Great British Coin Hunt of modern pound coins, 2 pound coins and 50 pence pieces. I am currently searcing the Edinburgh Castle Pound Coin before it is removed from circulation, as well as the 2013 Leek and Daffodil pound coin. Typically this is the only one missing and I live in Wales!!
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