2016 - €5 Euro Planet Erde Coin

front view: 2016 €5 Euro Planet Erde Coin rear view: 2016 €5 Euro Planet Erde Coin

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Quantity Available:5



Status: Sell or Swap

Price:EUR €45.00

Description:A very collectable and sought after German €5 Euro coin . Bi-metallic with a blue plastic inner-ring. Each issuing mint used a different blue tone for the inner ring. This coin was issued in Karlsruhe (G). These coins were almost sold out on the first day of issue and were limited to one per customer per day. A very nice addition to any European collection. Some of these coins have already started to change hands for well over €100.

Swap Requirements:A Kew Garden 50p or a 1992 EC Presidency 50p. (Must be between an F and AU condition)


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