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Coin News
All the news about coins that you could ever need.

Coin Today
Daily Numismatic and Gold Investment News

Collectors fairs and auctions

Superb auction house specialising in Numismatic auction all over the world.

International Numismatic Show at Earls Court Conference Centre.

Croydon Coin Auctions
Excellent Bi-Monthly Auctions dedicated to Coins.

The Salesroom
Access information ad catalogues for auctions all over the country and bid live.

Interesting coin collecting links

Coinsheets Numismatic Links
An excellent site fullof usfull links to Numismatic Sites all over the world.

For one and for all, for the passionate and the not-so-passionate coin collectors among you. Come and explore CoinTrap, where you can find slightly marvelous coin commentary, coin value information, and a host of delicious moments of time memorialized on sparkling pieces of precious metal.

Interesting Coin Collecting Links
Links to all things Numismatic

Members sites - friends of CoinSwap

Alexander Pathfinder Homepage
Alexanders site is excellent showing pictures of his double coins.

Arkady's Homepage
Arkady is a good friend of CoinSwap and has given us some good advise. He has an excellent site detailing his up to date swap list and wants list. Please visit.

Badulake Coins
Juan (Badulake) has an excellent website which displays his coin collection and doubles list.

David Leach Homepage
Davids homepage displays his collection and doubles list using Krause catalogues for identification.

Dmitry Artyomov Homepage
Dmitry has an excellent site displaying all of his collecting and doubles list.

Kidromeo Homepage
Rony has a brilliant web site which displays his collection and swap list.

Maundy Homepage
This site has been created to give information regarding the history of maundy money.

Piyush Chandra Homepage
Piyush is a friend of CoinSwap and has a great site. He has helped enormously with Indian Coin Identification.

Rafa is a great swapper and a friend of CoinSwap. He has a number of coins listed on this site but visit his site for more.

Sebastian's Homepage
Sebastian has an interesting page displaying his collection and doubles list.

Tomas Diosi Homepage
Tomas is a freind of CoinSwap and has a great site particularly if you are interested in Slovakian Coins.

William Pujol
William is a great friend of CoinSwap and has a great web site fr you to visit.

Numismatic Publications

Token Publishing
The publishers of Coin News are friends of CoinSwap where we have placed advertisements and have placed articles. The magasine provides coin collectors witheverything they need from Interesting Articles, dealers lists and up to date coin values.

Numismatic societies

British Numismatic Trade Association
The Official Website of the British Numismatic Trade Association Ltd. Coins, Medals and Banknotes. Here you can find out information regarding the BNTA, learn how to become part of the association, view future events, news and more… please use the links at the top to browse around the site.

Recommended coin dealers

Hammered Coins
A well presented site offering an array of good quality Hammered Coins.

Marantica offer a great selection of both ancient and modern coins from around the world. Marc also displays some of his coins on CoinSwap.

Recommended forums

British Empire Numismatics
Numismatic community dedicated to coinage of the Old British Empire. 100% family oriented, and new member's most welcomed.

Coin Collectors Catalog
Coin Collectors Catalog is the only web site created entirely for collectors who wants to attribute ancient coins. Currently we have built a database with ancient Greek coins, Roman Republican coins and Roman Imperial coins.

Numista On Line Catalog
Great site which has an extensive coin Ctalog and excellent Forum.

U.S. Coin Collecting
The group is a friendly group of coin collectors mostly based in the USA but they do have some worldwide members. The club produces it's own 1oz Silver medal and gives away free coins each week to a lucky member chosen at random. The club also has it's own chatroom where fellow collectors interact and trade coins.

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